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K-Town Pics

Pics sent in by Jim Petty on a trip to K-town.

<center>Alte Menu</center>

Alte Menu

<center>Alte Sign</center>

Alte Sign

<center>Artwork by Sophomore Hall</center>

Artwork by Sophomore Hall

<center>Behind Junior High</center>

Behind Junior High

<center>Bldg 1150 Vogelweh</center>

Bldg 1150 Vogelweh

<center>Football Field</center>

Football Field

<center>Front of School</center>

Front of School

<center>Getting Close</center>

Getting Close

<center>K-Town Train Station</center>

K-Town Train Station

<center>Main Entrance</center>

Main Entrance



<center>Ms Willhoite</center>

Ms Willhoite

<center>Old Vogelweh O'club</center>

Old Vogelweh O'club



<center>Senior Hall Entrance</center>

Senior Hall Entrance

<center>Vogelweh BX</center>

Vogelweh BX

<center>Walking Mall</center>

Walking Mall

<center>WWI Memorial</center>

WWI Memorial

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