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1985 Graduation

Click on the picture for a better view.
<center>class of 85 graduation</center>

class of 85 graduation

<center>General Speaking</center>

General Speaking

<center>Graduation guest General</center>

Graduation guest General

<center>grads singing</center>

grads singing

<center>Graduates sitting</center>

Graduates sitting

<center>graduation band</center>

graduation band

<center>Graduation March Dawn Girga</center>

Graduation March Dawn Girga

<center>Graduation March Keasley</center>

Graduation March Keasley

<center>Graduation March Tammy Knep</center>

Graduation March Tammy Knep

<center>Joi and Brad reading graduate names</center>

Joi and Brad reading graduate names

<center>Joi walking in</center>

Joi walking in

<center>Joi and Brad walking in</center>

Joi and Brad walking in

<center>Joi Diploma</center>

Joi Diploma

<center>Joi with Diploma</center>

Joi with Diploma

<center>Joi Scott Tammy Grad</center>

Joi Scott Tammy Grad

<center>tammy walking in</center>

tammy walking in

<center>Tammy with Diploma</center>

Tammy with Diploma

<center>Tammy Knepper Grad</center>

Tammy Knepper Grad


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